Everyday, I will look at these goals and remind myself why I am doing this. These are the things I hope to achieve on my way by the end of this year ! :-

  1. 50kg - 110lbs
  2. fit into my first pair of skinny jeans and not look chunky or awkward
  3. have all my clothes to start feeling looser
  4. have a flatter stomach
  5. be able to go for a run in just a sports bra and look amazing
  6. look good even after I workout, even when I’m sweaty and should be, in theory, gross
  7. run 10km one day
  8. have my legs not touch each other 
  9. have my friends look at me and compliment me for having a fit-ass body

Even if I can have just one of these goals, I will be so damn happy and no words will be able to convey my pride :) !