Battling my demons

As someone who is getting over binge eating, and has experienced and knows the physical, and not to mention the emotional, tolls of binge eating, I have collected and conjured up a list of tips to beat binge eating. I know this may seem as a bit of a ironic and seemingly futile post to read, seeing I’m still trying to get over it, I am going to hopefully overcome this cycle of mine by following these tips. 

1. Wait: Give your binge urges 10-15 minutes. That way, you will be able to judge whether you are truly hungry, or if you are just craving something. Sometimes, I also tell myself, “hmm… right now would I be willing to eat some celery? (or some other food that you would only eat when you are TRULY hungry)”. If I say no, then, bad luck, time to move on. 

2. Do something else that is not eating: This is simple in theory… and it is easy in action. Some days I’m in this state of “OMG I NEED FOOD NOW FOOD FOOD FOOD IT TASTES SO GREAT FOOD” state of mind, and I just cannot stop thinking about it. Instead of doing something for the purpose of forgetting about eating, I set myself to a task that I think is a massive chore and I kind of have to do it, like homework, or cleaning my dad’s car (ew). That way, I actually manage to forget about food and eating, without trying, because I am spending all that mental space thinking about how much I hate this chore and mentally ranting. 

3. Get comfortable: Sounds silly, I know, but if you’re in a comfortable position, you’re less likely to get up to binge. The other day when I felt like I really NEEDED to binge my face off, I decided to lay in bed, and did some much needed reading of my novel study. 2 minutes in, with the warm bed, and just fascinating book, and had one of the best naps. Needless to say, I kinda didn’t binge in those four hours? I don’t only take naps, I can go take a bath, or sit crosslegged with heaps of layers of clothing, with a cup of tea, or coffee. Anything that makes you comfortable will lessen your motivation to go eat your face off. 

4. Tell your friend, and text her, message her, or call her maybe?: I know, I know; telling a friend about your binge eating is really hard. It was hard for me too, but I told one of my closest friends who I felt would understand my situation the most and wouldn’t be judgmental about my binge eating. Now, she’s the person I give a text to or give a call to when I feel trapped by my binge urges. I know it may sound burdensome and annoying for your friend, but my really close friend told me that she was more than happy to help me through my journey and support me no matter what. I love her <3

5. Drink: Yep, water. It is true, sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. At first I was like, “erm, how is food and water the same, I’d be able to tell if I was craving water or food”. But seriously, it turns out (proven by scientists, so this is legit), that your body may crave food when you’re actually dehydrated. So yeah, drink a glass of water, or tea, or lemon water, or something that won’t wreak havoc on your body. 

6. Have junk food… in moderation: Yeah, “in moderation” …. damn. But seriously, instead of eating no junk for 6 days of a week and suddenly eating up to 3500 calories on the 7th day, how about you have just a little bit of that junk food, well, treat, actually (coz we shouldn’t label foods as bad or good - we shouldn’t have that “us” and “them” mentality, kay?) everyday, so you get that satisfaction without feeling deprived. And at the end of the week, you will realise that having a little everyday means that you actually have consumed less total calories then you would have if you had in that one day God of all binges. 

7. Forgive yourself if you do binge: I can’t emphasise this enough. I know how much I can hate myself after a binge, and how much I wanted to hurt myself. It’s really frightening if you have to think that way about yourself, and you only get this one body for the rest of your life! So, instead, I just remind myself that this binge will cause somewhat of a spike in my metabolism, which will help me for the next day, when I go back to eating normally (healthily). You can do it, okay ?! 

I hope this helps. I am in no way a professional, or the wisest one in this area, but I have realised that this is something I can do, and is something that has worked for others too. 

Good luck everyone xx